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Create a Point Multiplier Reward Campaign
Create a Point Multiplier Reward Campaign

Learn how to create and configure a Point Multiplier reward campaign from scratch.

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Let's say you have the cashback set up for your customers to gain 1 point for every pound that they spend, but on certain occasions, you want to reward your customers with more than one point let's say for example on Black Fridays. This is where the Point Multiplier Reward Campaign comes into play. It's a campaign that you set on certain dates that multiplies the number of points that a customer earns when he completes a purchase.

Let's explore the step-by-step process of creating and configuring a Point Multiplier reward campaign from scratch.

Creating a New Point Multiplier Reward Campaign:

  • Log in to your Gameball Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Campaigns section on the left side menu and click on Rewards.

  • Choose Points Multiplier Reward from the 'Start from Scratch' Section

  • Give your new campaign an internal name for your team, and then start the configuration.

Configuration of a Point Multiplier Reward Campaign:

Step 1: Rule

Define the rules that determine when customers receive the campaign's rewards. Utilize Gameball's event-based engine to create sequences of rules that customers must follow to earn rewards.

  1. Audience:

    Choose who is eligible to view and participate in this campaign:

    • All Customers

    • Specific Customers:

      • Segments

      • Tags

      • Player Attributes

      • Combination of Segments, Tags, or Players Attributes

    After choosing the campaign's audience, you will be able to view the number of customers that are currently eligible to participate in this campaign

  2. Trigger:

    In the case of the Points Multiplier rewards, the trigger is already set to the event Place Order.

Step 2: Details

Set up the information that will be displayed to the customers on Gameball's widget on your website/mobile app:

  • Reward Name

  • Reward Information

  • [Optional] Redirection Link( Navigates the customers to a desired page on the website/mobile app.

Step 3: Activation Settings

Choose when this campaign will be available for your customers:

  1. Always Active: The campaign will always be available for its audience unless you deactivate it.

  2. Scheduled: The campaign will have a certain start date and end date. Before and after these dates the campaign will not be visible to the audience.

Step 4: Rewards

Select the multiplier for the points customers will earn during the campaign. Choose to double (2x), triple (3x), or increase fivefold (5x) the points customers receive for every dollar spent on their orders.

Now that you have created and configured your campaign, remember to press Save, Preview, and then Activate your campaign.

Also, don't forget that there are two other types of Reward Campaigns: Time-Based and Action-Based Reward Campaigns. Learn how to create and configure each of them below:

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