You can choose what features to be displayed to your players on your players' widget with simple steps. To access the General Settings of Gameball Widget, go through the following steps: At Gameball Admin Dashboard go to Player Widget Settings > Basic Configurations: General

Profile Visibility

You can control who can see Gameball player profile based on the below:

  • Guest: A guest is the current visitor of your website who still does not have an account, or did not login using their created account.

  • User (Player): The current visitor of your website who created an account and logged in.

❗️Note: This is only applicable in the Web version of Gameball player profile.

Visible Tabs

Gameball player profile has multiple tabs, you can choose which tabs you want to display and which to hide. At least 1 (or all) of the below tabs must be enabled:

  • Achievements (Badges)

  • Friends Referral

  • Notifications

  • Leaderboard

The notifications tab is optional, so you can enable/disable it based on your needs.

You can also choose between Badges and Friend Referral to set as the front tab of the widget by clicking Default Tab next to one of them.

Choose to display Gameball logo on the bottom of the player widget or not.

❗️Note: Gameball Footer is only available on Pro and Guru plans only.

Player Progress Visible Cards

You can launch Gameball with or without showing the points balance, Expiry date, and in case you are using score a the leveling up method, you can choose to display or to hide it. In this section, you can enable or disable both balances. You can also choose different names for both scores and points based on your website/app theme, examples:

❗️Note: Points Expiry, Points Name, and Points Icon are only available on Pro and Guru plans only.

  • Points Expiry: show or hide points expiry date to players

  • Score Name Examples: Freebies, Rank, Gems.. etc.

  • Points Name Examples: Coins, Tokens, Credit.. etc.

  • Score Icon

  • Points Icon

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