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Tabs visibility and Order Through Widget General Configurations
Tabs visibility and Order Through Widget General Configurations

Configure the general widget settings of the Gameball widget. Control which tabs to hide or show. Reorder the challenges badges on widget.

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You can choose what features to be displayed to your players on your players' widget with simple steps. To access the General Settings of Gameball Widget, go through the following steps: At Gameball Admin Dashboard go to Widget Settings > General

Widget Language

You can display your widget in multiple languages based on your customer's language. Check the list of languages you can set.


Control the visibility of the widget as a whole, as well as the tabs and sections displayed on the widget itself. Go to the Visibility tab under General.

Widget Visibility

Control who can see Gameball player widget for both Players and Guests

  • Guest: A guest is the current visitor of your website who still does not have an account or did not login using their created account.

  • Player (User): The current visitor of your website who created an account and logged in.

❗️Note: This is only applicable in the Web version of Gameball player profile.

Visible Tabs: Levels and Leaderboard

Choose to show or hide the following tabs.

Control the visibility of:

  • Levels Cards: the section on the widget that displays the configured levels and benefits.

  • Leaderboard Tab: the section that displayed the leaderboard.

Visible Icons: Notifications Icon, Gameball Footer, and Gameball FAQ

Notifications Icon: the notifications tab is optional, so you can enable/disable it based on your needs.

Gameball Footer: choose to display the Gameball logo on the bottom of the player/guest widget or not.

Gameball FAQ: hide or show the FAQ tab on the widget which briefly explains your loyalty program to your guests and players.

❗️Note: Gameball Footer is only available on Pro and Guru plans only.

Sort Challenges Badges on Widget

To sort your challenges icons on the challenges section on the widget, go to the Challenges tab under Widget Settings: General

Start by choosing the method of ordering:

Creation date: based on the date and time each challenge was created on, the first challenge created is the first to be displayed, then the second, then the third, and so on.

Name: ordered Alphabetically from A to Z

Manual: Order your challenges according to your preference by dragging and dropping each challenge using the cursor.

Click Save when you are done with ordering.

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