Types and Templates Under Gameball Challenges Catalog

Explore Gameball's template under challenges cataloge and get more details about every challenge type.

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There are three main types of challenges templates that you can set up through the Gameball dashboard:

  1. Objective-based

  2. Occasion-based

  3. Custom challenge

1. Challenges based on objectives

Create challenges that will help you achieve your business objectives. Here is a list of the objectives that you can work on enhancing using our challenges templates:

  • Acquisition

    Increase your acquisition rates by using the following challenges templates:

    • Create Account: incentivise your guests to create and complete their account by rewarding them for doing so.

    • First Order: motivate your new customers to complete their first purchase by rewarding them when they do so.

  • Retention

    Retain your existing customers through these challenges:

    • Second Order: push customers to complete their second purchase.

    • Third Order: push customers to complete their third purchase.

    • Fifth Order: push customers to complete their fifth purchase,

    • Tenth Order: push customers to complete their tenth purchase.

  • Engagement

    Engage your customer and present a fun shopping experience using the following:

    • Visit a specific product: surprise your customer with a reward when they check a product of yours.

    • Visit our website daily (Streak): reward you players for everytime they visit your plartform.

    • Facebook: reward players for interacting with your Facebook page.

    • Twitter: reward players for interacting with your Twitter page.

    • Instagram: reward players for interacting with your Instagram page.

    • Tiktok: reward players for interacting with your Tiktok page.

  • Personalization

    Bond with your player and make their shopping experience personal through the following challenge templates:

    • Birthday: celebrate your player's birthday by rewarding them on this special day.

    • Anniversary: reward your player for being a loyal customer for 1 whole year.

  • Growth

    Make sure your business's sales rate is growing through these challenge templates:

    • Buy a specific product

    • Buy from a specific collection

    • Exceed your highest order value

    • Buy X get Y on your next order

    • Buy from 3 different collections

    • Buy 3 items from specific collection

    • Get 20% coupon after spending a total of 1000$

    • Free shipping for orders over 500$

    • Buy over 50$ and get 5$ on the next order

❗️Note: you can always change the internal values of any challenge template.

2. Challenges deployed in certain occasions

Reward your players in special days such as:

  • Black Friday

  • Christmas

  • Cyber Monday

  • New Year

  • Easter

  • Valentine's Day

  • Mother's Day

Choose any of these templates from the left bar under the Challenges Cataloge, then set the reward type and value and save it.

If you can't find the occasion you want to reward your players on, add your own occasion through the Create Occasion button.

3. Custom Challenge

Create and customize your own challenge from scratch through the Create custom challenge button. Learn how to create customer challenge.

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