Before you start the integration, you need to have your API Key and Transaction Key through your Gameball account. Check the below article:
How can you get your account integration details? (API Key & Transaction Key)

Step One: Install Gameball player profile on your web app

It only takes a few minutes to install Gameball Player Profile on your web app. 

Follow this article on our technical docs: Install Gameball on your web app.

Once installed, your players will be able to:

  • See Gameball Player Profile on your web app
  • Receive in-app notifications and messages from Gameball

Step Two: Send Players Events to Gameball

You can track actions your players (customer) take as Player Events, while logged into your platform only.

Sending events will be through Send actions (events) API.

You can use these player events in the below:

Step Three: Configure Friends Referral Integration

If you are not going to use the referral program, skip this step.

Gameball can reward your players for referring their friends to join your platform (See Friends Referral Program).

You should follow the below:

  1. Add your website registration URL to Gameball Player Profile referral tab (See Referral tab configurations)
  2. Follow the integration steps in Configure Referral Module

Step 4: Reward your players based on the paid amount through Purchase Reward Program

Through the Purchase Reward Program, for every paid placed order on your web app using cash, credit card, Paypal.. etc, you can reward your players' Score and Points based on a predefined equation. Follow the below steps to complete the integration:

  1. Configure the reward equation on Gameball Admin Dashboard (See Launch the Purchase Rewards Program). The program must be Active
  2. On every successful paid placed order on your website, use Purchase Reward API to update Gameball

Important Note: It is recommended to send the Purchase Reward API call when the order status is completely paid. In case the payment method, for example, is COD (Cash on delivery), you should send the API call when the customer actually paid the order amount.


What is next?

Enable Points Redemption on Your Web App

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