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Launch and Configure Your Earn Pointing System
Launch and Configure Your Earn Pointing System
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Rewarding your customers with points is a powerful strategy to foster loyalty and drive repeat purchases. With Gameball's Earn Pointing System, formerly known as the Cashback Program, you can easily activate and customize points rewards tailored to your players' preferences.

Let's explore the enhanced features and steps to launch and configure your Earn Pointing System:

Launching Earn Loyalty Points:

To kickstart your Earn Points System, follow these simple steps:

  1. Activate the Earn Pointing System:

    • Login to your Gameball Dashboard

    • From the Left side menu click on Loyalty Points

    • Choose Earn, and you will be directed to the Earn Pointing System configuration page

    • Locate the activation toggle at the upper right section of the Earn Pointing System page and ensure it is set to Active.

    Once activated, your players will start earning points for every dollar(or your set currency) spent on your platform.

  2. Configure the Earn Points System:

    • Earn Rule:

      To determine how many points customers earn for every dollar spent, follow these steps:

      • Click on "Edit" in the Earn Rule section.

      • Enter both the number of points that you want the customers to earn when they spend a certain amount of dollars.

      • A cashback calculation of the rule that you set will be shown for your reference. Learn more about how the redemption works.

      If you have the score activated for your customers as your tiering-up method, an extra field will be shown for you to add the score that the customer will earn once they spend a dollar. Learn More about Score.

    • Merchants Rules:

      Set customized rules for merchants/brands to define their points earning and redemption policies.

    • Collection Rules:

      Set up different rules on different products per their collections. Tailor points rewards based on your business objectives

    • Settings:

      • Points Expiry:

        Specify points expiry settings to manage the validity period of earned points:

        • Choose Expiry Duration

        • Select your Duration Type(Days, Months, Years)


      • Eligible Collections:

        Choose which collection qualifies for earning points to target specific purchase behaviors. Choose from the following options:

        • All Products

        • Selected Collection

        • All Products except some collections

      • Return window Duration:

        Establish a return window duration to manage point issuance for returned orders. Determine the time gap in days between order placement and point issuance to streamline the process:

  3. Insights and Analytics:

    Gain valuable insights into your Earn Points System performance with comprehensive analytics:

    Total Earned Rewards:

    • Track the total value of rewards earned by customers through the Earn Points System.

    • Monitor reward accumulation trends over time to assess program effectiveness.

    Total Rewarded Points:

    • Monitor the total number of points rewarded to customers across all transactions.

    • Analyze point distribution patterns and identify opportunities for optimization.

Now that you've configured your Earn Pointing System, leverage its full potential to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

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