What is test/live data?

Gameball will give you the ability to test the whole experience you designed on your staging/UAT environment. No need to care about deleting your test data that you have used during the integration cycle.

Test Data

These data are the ones used while you are testing your Gameball engagement experience before going live, mostly used by your team. 

Live Data

These data are the ones used once you start going live with Gameball on your platform, with Gameball engagement experience exposed to your players per your configurations.

How to use the test data?

Your account will have 2 different API Keys, one for Test and the other one for Live data.

You can access your API Keys settings section in Gameball Admin Dashboard through Settings > Integration: Account Integration:

Use Test API Key on your staging/UAT environment and Live API Key on your production environment.

Test/Live data dependency

Your designed and configured experience will be the same using both API Keys (levels, challenges, missions.. etc), the only difference will be on the below:

  • Analytics dashboards
  • Players list
  • Players Game Plan Achievements
  • Players Points Transactions

How to switch between live/test data on Gameball Admin Dashboard?

You can switch between both live/test data inside Analytics and Players section using the data switcher at the top right section of the page as shown below:

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