Once you choose the method you want your players to level up through, your players will be able to collect the variable that the method requires. the variables could be the amount spent, points, number of completed orders, number of referral, or score.

In case you are confused between points and score as two variables for two different methods, below is a brief explanation of the difference between points and score.


If points is not set as the method of leveling up, you can still use for different roles.

Points are configured in a way so that they have a monetary value. Through Point Configuration on your dashboard, you can configure the value and expiry dates for points. This way, players can redeem points with discounts or free items.

You can also activate the cashback program that allows players to exchange the points value in a form of balance.

Players can gain points on every purchase as well as when they perform other actions, based on your configurations. For example, players could be rewarded with points every time they complete a referral challenge, review a product, or put items in the cart.

Having stated the previous roles of points, points can also be assigned to an extra role which is a leveling up method. You can choose points to be the variable that keeps track of each player's progress and stats. The following demonstrates how you can choose a minimum number of points a player has to reach to level up.

As you configure your player levels through Gameball admin dashboard, you will be required to set a points range, start and end for each level.


Score is also a leveling up method that works just like points in keeping track of players' actions and rewarding them for every completed achievement.

Choosing Score as the leveling up method will not completely replace or eliminate points, however, it will only be measuring players' status and progress. Points, on the other hand, will keep its main role as a monetary value. Players gain points on every purchase as well as when they perform other actions, while score will be an intangible rewards that increases only when players complete certain actions based on your configurations.

Why choose score as a leveling up method when points can do the same job?

As mentioned, Points are assigned to many jobs like having a monetary value that a player can later on exchange with money, discounts, free products or free shipping.

Score on the other hand, could be assigned only as an intangible reward that helps players level up when they complete achievements you have chosen during your configuration.

The following are some cases where you might find score as a helpful tool when it is the leveling up method:

  • Choosing only some actions (elements) that affects players progress

If during your configurations, you included points to become a form of reward when players do any action that benefits your platform, however, you want players to level up by completeling only some of these achievements.

By choosing score, you will be able to mix between some of the elements that you want to contribute in the progress of each players.

For example, you can choose some challenges, and referrals to be the only two elements that helps a player to level up.

  • Using level as an intrinsic reward only

As mentioned, points have a monetary value that players can use to exchange it with balance. They can also redeem it in the form of discount copouns, free items, free shipping, etc.

If you want to exclude the levels program from actions that rewards points, an dlet leveling up to be a motivational reward only, you can configure score to increase everytime they do specific actions or complete certain achievements. these achievements may not add up to the points and so do not have monetary reward.

Players will be able to level up when they reach the minimum score the next level requires.

  • Creating a balanced equation that controls the speed of leveling up

It could be difficult to create a balanced levels system depending only on points. As mentioned, points is the main variable in the cashback program, this means if the cashback program is active, a player will win points with every purchase they make.

It could become difficult to create the perfect equation that balances between rewarding players with every achievement and players' speed in leveling up with points. For example, a player who is very active on your social media platform, reviews a lot of products, and refers friends could end up with just as many points as a player that only makes a lot of purchases. If this equation does not work for you, adding score could help with this program, you will be able to assign score only to the element that pushes certain actions.

To sum up, with score, your active players will be able to level up, and it will help you identify your most loyal and engaged customers by making a mix between all the elements you want to intangibly reward your players for, excluding the monetary aspect that points impose.

Points on the other hand can only have a monetary value and can be redeemed by players during purchases.

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