Once you add Gameball to your profile, your players will be able to collect scores and points. In this article, we will explain the difference between scores and points.


As you configure your player levels through Gameball dashboard, you will be required to set a score range, start and end, for each level. So, the score allows players to level up through the configured levels. Depending on your configured experience, with every purchase and configured actions your players complete, they gain score.

In short, the score helps your active players to level up and hence helps you identify your most loyal and engaged customers.


Players also gain points on every purchase as well as when they perform other actions, based on your configurations. Points are configured in a way so that they have monetary value. Through Point Configuration on your dashboard, you can configure the value and expiry dates for points.

This way, players can redeem points with discounts or free items.

To sum up, the main difference between scores and points is that points have a monetary value and can be redeemed by players during purchases.

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