Enable the email notifications feature to send your players emails every time they earn points or complete challenges on your platform.

Sometimes, players earn points or win challenges while they are not on your platform, for example, if the anniversary or birthday challenges are configured, your players will win this challenge on a specified day without any recent interaction on your platform from their side. This is where emails can be very useful. Enabling emails can help you drive back your customers to visit your platform.

Note: Players who do not want to keep receiving your emails can easily unsubscribe through a small hyperlink at the bottom of every Gameball email.

Where to find the emails section?

From the left bar, Click Notifications, then go to the Emails tab.

Types of Email Notifications

You can enable email notifications for the following types of achievements:

  • Cashback

  • Referral

  • Challenges: earned for players actions on your platform or manually given

  • Levels

  • Points Redemption

Email Settings

The email settings section is where you configure general settings for all your emails. These settings will be set as default for all your outgoing notifications emails once you configure them.

For more details on each of the fields in the email settings, read about Email notifications components.

Email Components

For each email type, there is a default template that you can use, or you can customize your own email template. There are some components you need to be aware of before customizing your own emails, as shown in the image below:

  • Logo

  • Banner

  • Subject

  • Title

  • Body

  • Variables

  • Button

To learn more about each of our email template components, read about Email notifications components.

Sending Test Emails

Before activating your customer email notifications, you can send a test email to yourself or someone on your team to view a sample of the email that will be sent to your customers.

Activating Email Notifications

To activate any of your player email notifications, all mandatory fields must be filled first. So for templates you have configured, tested, and are ready to be activated, go to the tab of the same type of emails and switch the toggle to Active.

Note: You must activate each and every email type through their designated tab, the toggle on each tab only activates the email type you are viewing.

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