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Email Notifications Components

Send your players emails notifying them of their different achievements like levels, challenges, successful referrals, and cashback.

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E-commerce Platforms

Shopify (Pro & Guru), Non-Shopify (Pro & Guru)

Notifying players by emailing them with their achievements on your platform can not get any easier. On your Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to the Notifications, then the Emails tab.

There are two sections in the Email Notifications, as follows:

  • Email settings

  • Email templates for each type of achievement

Email Settings

Your email settings section is where you set the default data for all the emails that will be sent out to your players, hence, Email Settings are not customizable per email type. To access email settings, click on the Edit icon on the top right of the page.

These default email settings include:

  • From: Emails are sent from a Gameball email address on your behalf, however, you can set a personalized name to be easily recognized by your customers. This can be your store name or brand name, and it is a mandatory field.

  • Reply To: Customers can reply to the notifications email so you also need to add a reply-to name and email address.

  • Reply-to Address: This can be your customer support email address so that you can get back to your players in case they have any inquiries.

  • Email Signature: This field is for you to enter a personalized signature to be displayed at the end of your email.

  • Store URL: Once your players click the button in the email they will be taken to the page corresponding to the URL you entered. So it is highly recommended to avoid a signup page URL. This is also a mandatory field.

❗️Note: You must fill in all mandatory fields in email settings before activating any email type.

Email Templates

You have four types of emails that you can create your own template for. You can preview each template under each relevant type. At Gameball, we offer you a default template if you do not want to create your own, however, if you want to customize your own emails, edit the following:

  • Email Subject: Create an attractive email subject for each email type so that players do not ignore it.

  • Logo: Use your brand logo to identify your emails. Click on the logo placeholder to upload your own logo. Once you have successfully added your logo, it will automatically be applied to all of your email types. It is recommended to upload .jpeg or .png images.

  • Banner: Use a cheerful banner that conveys celebration and matches your brand theme. You can find a placeholder banner image in our template that can be easily replaced by hovering over the banner image and clicking upload. It is recommended to upload .jpeg or .png images.

  • Email Title: You can give your email a catchy title for your readers at the beginning of the email

  • Email Body: This is the text that conveys your message. You can include variable which is replaced by data relevant to each player.

  • Variables: You can add placeholder variables to your email in order to customize your email messages. Read about everything you need to know about email variables.

  • Button: The button redirects your player to the page in the Store URL field in the Email Settings. You can edit the button text by clicking the text on your email editor. The button color takes the Main Color set for your player widget.

❗️Note: To change the email button color, go to Player Widget Settings > Widget Style > Main Color

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