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Group Your players by Tags

Use tags to manually group players together and customize special rewards and messages to be sent only to your tagged players.

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Tags let you group your players manually. They are great for highlighting VIP players who may need VIP rewards, loyal customers who should be treated differently or you need to simulate different rewards based on the assigned tags, for example, If you want to create and send messages, notification, or assign challenges to only a specific group of players; Tags is a great way to link between these players and the assigned message, notification, emails, or Challenges.

How to create player tags?

To create tags, on your Gameball dashboard, go to Admin Settings > Tags

On the top right of the events page, click Create New Tag

Choose a name and a color for every Tag.

How to tag your players

Option 1: Manual tagging

To tag a player, on your Gameball dashboard, go to Players then open any player page. Under the player's unique ID, click on Add Tag.

You can search for the available tags and assign this tag to the player.

ℹ️ This is also where you remove a tag from a player.

Option 2: Tag group of players

You can also do manual bulk tagging for your players, on your Gameball dashboard, go to Players, click More then Tag Filtered Players.

This operation follows the below rules:

  • Filter the player list according to your criteria

  • Click on Tag Filtered Players

  • Choose the needed tag(s) to be added to the filtered list

  • Click on Apply, and all players in the currently active filter will be tagged with the selected tags

ℹ️ In case no filter is applied, the operation will automatically tag all players list on Gameball at the moment of the operation

Option 3: API tagging

You can also tag players using Gameball APIs, check our technical documentation for more details.

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