Through tags, you can simulate endless rewards to be automatically granted to a group of your players based on their applied tag. You will be able to add tag(s) to your challenges, players who have that same tag applied will be the only ones able to participate or achieve these challenges.

To let you understand this more and how you can do magic through tags, check the below illustration:

How to Add Tag(s) on a Challenge?

Option 1: While creating a challenge

During the challenge creation wizard, add a tag at the first step under the Challenge Type

Option 2: Through the challenge page

On your Gameball dashboard, go to Programs > Challenges > Challenges Tab then open any challenge page. Under the player's name and image, click on Add Tag.

You can search for the available tags and add this tag to the challenge.

❗️Note: You can remove tags from the challenge at the same place.

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