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Calendly Template on Zapier

Learn how to use the Calendly template on Zapier to reward your players for scheduling events through Calendly.

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Gameball has created ready-to-use template on Zapier which you can use to easily connect Calendly with Gameball. Once you complete the integration process, you will be able to reward your players with points after they complete the required action on Calendly.

Here is the Zapier template you can use to connect Calendly with Gameball:

  • Reward Gameball players for scheduling events through Calendly. Click here

Follow these steps to complete the integration process using the template:

  • Log in to your Calendly account by copying your Calendly API key to Zapier.

  • Copy your Gameball API key and use it to log in on Zapier. Learn where to find your API key

  • Click Turn on Zap

  • Click View your Zaps, then choose the two apps connection

  • For the final step on Zapier, check if there are any errors and test your connection by clicking the Error Icon then Test trigger

Note: without testing the connection between the two apps, the integration process will not be completed.

Now that you have successfully connected Gameball with Calendly, all you need is to create an event-based challenge on Gameball dashboard that includes the Calendly event ID. Follow the below steps:

In this step, log in to your Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Programs > Challenges. Click Add New Challenge and follow the below steps:

A. Set Challenge Type

Choose Event-based as challenge type, and click Next

B. Set Challenge Details and Rewards

In this step, you will set the challenge details that will be used internally and displayed to the users including challenge internal name, challenge displayed badge, and displayed information.

You will also choose the size of reward you want to grant your players upon completing the action. Choose the points reward for this challenge achievement, and

the score reward for this challenge achievement. (if you have chosen score as your leveling up method. Learn more)

C. Set Challenge Details

In this step, configure the challenge details by clicking the Edit Icon next to Challenge Settings.

  • Activation Settings: Is this Challenge always active for players to achieve?

  • Challenge visibility: is the challenge displayed on the player widget?

  • Unlocking settings: On which, level(s) should this challenge be unlocked?

  • Repeatability Settings: How many times this challenge can be won? Only once? or more?

  • Player Notification Settings: Do you want to notify the player when this challenge is achieved?

  • Event Notification Settings: is the player notified after every action taken that leads to achieving the challenge?

D. Set Event Settings

On this page, you will see the Event ID you already configured above. Select it and make sure the number of times this event to be completed is one.

Finally, review the previously configured six steps and go back to making edits if needed, then click Save.

πŸŽ‰ You're all set up now! Your players will start earning this challenge upon completing the required action!

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