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How to Create a New User on Gameball Dashboard and Assign Roles
How to Create a New User on Gameball Dashboard and Assign Roles

Learn how to give different users access to your Gameball dashboard by creating multiple user accounts.

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After setting up your loyalty program, you always need to make adjustments along the way. You can give access to as many people as you want to allow other employees to make the appropriate changes to your program.

Creating a new user account on Gameball Dashboard

  • To create a new account, go to Gameball admin dashboard > Settings > Settings.

  • Scroll down, and click Accounts under Users.

Once you access this page, you will be able to see some of the details of the existing Accounts.

  • To create a new account, click Invite a teammate on the top right of the page.

  • Then fill new user's details:

    • User first name

    • User last name

    • User email

    • User password: create a password your teammate can use for their first login. (❗️Note: users can change their password once they log in)

    • User Role: choose the role to decide the level of authority this teammate should have over the dashboard.

    • User Workspace: in case you have multiple workspaces; choose which of them should your teammate have access to. Learn more

  • Lastly, click Send invitation.

Once the invitation is sent, the teammate will receive an email with their credentials.

On the Dashboard, the user Status will appear as Pending until they log in once. The status will then change from Pending to Active.

Choosing Roles

You can decide the level of access your invited teammate should have from the following:

  • Owner: this role gives full authority allowing teammates to edit, configure, or even add new admins to the dashboard.

  • Admin: this role gives full authority allowing teammates to edit, configure, or even add new admins to the dashboard, except for creating new workspaces or accessing workspaces they are not given access to by the owner.

  • Customer Support: this role only allows the teammate to make a few changes related to the players only, such as:

    • Adding/deducting points

    • Rewarding challenges

    • Adjust levels

    • Add/remove tags,

    • Include/exclude players

    • Extract players/logs

    • Create new segments

❗️Note: the above actions are applied manually only to single players. They can not execute this action on a bulk of players.

As for the rest of the dashboard, the customer support role does not allow them to make edits; however, they can view all dashboard sections and buttons except for: Analytics, Update/import button, Admin Settings, Billing page, removing Gameball, writing a review, and workspaces they are not assigned to.

  • Dashboard viewer: this role does not allow the user to execute any action on the dashboard. They can only view the dashboard section for information.

Changing Passwords

When the user signs in, they can change their password by navigating to thpage, then next to your user email, click the Three dots icon, then Reset Password.

Editing, Deleting, and Resending invitations

  • To execute any of these actions on another user account, your account must be under the Admin role.

  • Click on the Three dots icon, and choose between:

    • Resend Invitation: only valid on pending accounts/users who have yet to sign in. The teammate will once again receive an email with their credentials.

    • Edit: you can only change their Role and Workspaces they are allowed on.

    • Delete: their account will be terminated, and they will no longer have access to the dashboard.

❗️Note: You can not delete the account you are signed in from and currently using.

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