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Ways to Encourage Customers to Enroll in Your Loyalty Program
Ways to Encourage Customers to Enroll in Your Loyalty Program

The different approaches you can take to push your current customers to join the loyalty experience and become more active.

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There are plenty of tools Gameball offers to attract visitors to enroll and become more engaged. Here are some ideas you can implement for a guaranteed increase in acquisition:

Guest Messages

With the correct articulation, timing, and place where a message appears, you can sell your visitors the loyalty experience created to reward them just for being active. Gameball Messages does not only target the registered customers, but you can also reach out to the unregistered customers "guests" and encourage them not to miss on the great rewards. Learn how to configure a guest message.

Signup Challenge

The SignUp Challenge is a powerful tool to draw in visitors and motivate them to register to your loyalty programs. With an attractive reward and other great challenges they could explore and benefit from just by signing up. Learn how to create a signup challenge.

Referral Program

Why encourage guests to signup yourself when you can make your loyal players do it?

By creating an appealing referral program where both your players and their friends get solid rewards, you will see a noticeable number of registrations within a short period of time. Learn how to configure a referral program.


Cashback is a well-known method that has various benefits. Not only will it increase your sales, but will also encourage your customer to register to your loyalty experience before they complete any purchase. This way, they will get part of their spending back in the form of points which they can redeem in the form of coupons and use on new purchases. Learn how to configure a cashback program.

❗️Note: Make sure to inform your customers of the signup challenge and the cashback program through the widget or a guest message.

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