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Include or Exclude Players from Your Rewards Program
Include or Exclude Players from Your Rewards Program

Learn how to activate or deactivate players and guests from your entire loyalty program.

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You can choose to include a player in your loyalty experience so that they enjoy all the configured programs and rewards, or you can choose to completely exclude all or some of your players.

What is the result of including or excluding a player?

In case of including players:

By default, all players are included in the rewards program once you activate your program, meaning, they will find the widget and will be rewarded for their engagement based on your previously configured programs.

In case of excluding a player:

This player will no longer see the widget, nor will they be rewarded for any sort of actions they take on your platform. In this case, they will interact with your platform as if no rewards system is deployed.

How to include or exclude one, some, or all players?

On Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Players. You are now on the player information tab. You will find the Include/Exclude Players button under More

  • Include or exclude all players:

To include or exclude all players at once, just follow the steps above. When you navigate to the Players Tab, click More. then Include/Exclude Players.

  • Include or exclude part/some of your players:

To include or exclude a specific group of players, you can use the Filters on the top of the players list before clicking the include/Exclude Players button under More.

  • Include or exclude one player only:

To include or exclude a certain player, you can navigate to their eternal profile page on the dashboard, then switch on/off the Include Toggle.

❗️Note: This is where you can check if that player is included in the rewards program or not.

❗️❗️Important note: When you apply the include or exclude action on all or a group of players; if some of these players are already included/excluded then this action will apply normally and will just ignore the players with the same status as the applied action.

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