View Dashboard on Demo Mode

Get a hint of how a dashboard as well as a widget would look like if it is filled with data.

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For Self-Serve customers only. If you are new to Gameball dashboard experience and you still have not filled your program with data about your customers, you can now view the dashboard on Demo Mode just to get a glimpse of how the dashboard would look like filled with data and program configurations.

The data you will find once you get to the dashboard demo mode is dummy; this means they do not represent actual information of real customers or of launched programs or campaigns.

How to view the dashboard on Demo Mode

It takes only one click to jump from your real dashboard to a demo mode. Just click on Demo Account from the left bar.

As soon as you click on Demo Account, a new tab will open, and you will be able to see some dummy data all over it. Feel free to surf all tabs and programs. You can also try some of the programs' dummy configurations on your real dashboard.

❗️Note: the Demo Account button is only found on self-serve accounts.

How do I get back to my real dashboard?

As mentioned, when clicking on Demo Account, a new tab will open, which means your real dashboard is going to be there still. Furthermore, you can still move from demo mode back to the real dashboard through that newly opened tab. Just click on the x mark next to Demo Mode on the yellow tag on top of the page.

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