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Customize Your Gameball Player Widget to Match Your Brand
Customize Your Gameball Player Widget to Match Your Brand

Learn how to customize Gameball player profile widget style and colors to match your website/app branding.

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When your loyalty widget feels like an alien element on your platform, players tend to avoid it because subconsciously it resonates with annoying ads and cookies without even taking the time to check its credibility. This is why customizing a widget that feels like it belongs to the brand, and goes well with the surroundings makes it more likely for customers to feel it is safe to use.

Here are some steps you can take to change and control all the elements that could directly affect your brand's look and feel through the widget:

To brand your Gameball player widget to match your website/app look and feel, you can access the style configurations in Gameball Admin Dashboard through Player Widget Settings > Branding: Colors



Choose between two modes:

  • Light: Light mode is the default mode unless set otherwise

  • Dark: The main layout color will change to black

❗️Note: Widget theme is only available on Pro and Guru plans only.


Color: This is the main color that will be applied to all tabs of the profile, you can easily choose the brand colors you use on your platform.

Use the color palette to choose a color that matches your platform theme either by hovering over the palette with your cursor and then clicking on the closest color to your platform's. Or for more accurate branding, type down your brand's color code, and click Save.

Widget Font:

You can choose one of the following 6 fonts:

  • Montserrat

  • EB Garamont

  • Roboto Slab

  • Sansita Swashed

  • Mali

  • Poppins

❗️Note: Widget Font is only available on Pro and Guru plans only.

Launcher(Button) Colors

(For web only)

For web applications, you will have a launcher button that will be placed on your website to load/open the Gameball player widget. You can control the below colors of the button:

  • Launcher Main Color

  • Icon Color

  • Text Color


To give you loyalty assets unique names and icons, switch to the Identity Tab.

Program Name:

Give your loyalty program a name that goes well with your Platform's identity. For example, if your platform sells flowers, then a good name for your rewards program could be "Lily Rewards"

  • Program Name Examples: Plus Rewards, Adventure Rewards, Fun Portal.. etc.

Points/Score Name:

In case you are using score as the leveling up method, you can also give the score a different name just as you can do that to the points.

  • Points Name Examples: Coins, Tokens, Credit.. etc.

  • Score Name Examples: Freebies, Rank, Gems.. etc.


Choose Icons from Gameball's icon library for:

  • Points Icon

  • Score Icon

❗️Note: Choosing Points Name and Points Icon are only available on Pro and Guru plans only.

Guest Widget Icon:

One of the things that directly affect the branding is the main widget icon that shows on the guest landing page of the widget. You can choose an icon that represents your idea of loyalty without drifting from the platform's main theme.

To change the main guest widget icon, though Gameball Admin Dashboard go to Player Widget Settings > General: Guests

Under Image, choose between the following:

  • Default Image: Leave Gameball's default icon as it is.

  • Upload Image: Upload your own image from your own library to match your theme.

  • None: Leave the guest widget without an icon.

❗️Note: When choosing "Upload Image," the image size and type must be: 280px*280px. JPEG or PNG

❗️Note: Uploading an image as a widget icon is only available on Pro and Guru plans only.

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