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Choose a Different Name for "Points" and "Score" to Match Your Brand
Choose a Different Name for "Points" and "Score" to Match Your Brand

Create unique names for your score and points to be aligned with your brand theme.

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Score and Points are both units often used as rewards to players who completed different actions or challenges; however, each has a different role, and they both represent different kinds of rewards. Learn more about the difference between scores and points.

If the words "Score" and "Points" do not appeal to you or match your brand theme, you can set different names through the Gameball dashboard.


The score is the unit that represents the player's status; it increases with the more achievements your players complete. The score also allows your player to level up and helps them keep track of their progress. Suggested names for score:

  • Gems

  • Freebies

  • Crystals

  • Stars


Points are your internal currency. Players collect them with every achievement they complete, and they could be redeemed later on by the player. Suggested names for points:

  • Coins

  • Tokens

  • Miles

How to configure point names on Gameball

Follow the below steps to configure the above on Gameball:

  • Open Gameball Admin Dashboard, click on Widget Settings > Branding then go to the Identity tab.

  • Scroll down to Points

  • You can change both the Points and Score Names, and choose Points Icon from Gameball's library.

  • Once you finish, click the Save button.

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