Let's brand your Gameball player profile to match your website/app look and feel. You can access the style configurations in Gameball Admin Dashboard through Profile > Basic Configurations > Profile Style:

Main Color

This is the main color that will be applied to all tabs of the profile.

Gameball Profile Widget Launcher Button (For web only)

For web applications, you will have a launcher button that will be placed on your website to load/open the Gameball player widget.


You can control the below colors of the button:

  • Button Color
  • Button Icon Color


You can control on which direction of the page profile launcher button should be placed:

  • Right
  • Left


You can control the shape of the profile launcher button. Gameball offers multiple shapes to let you choose from based on what will be better and matching with your website:

  • Corner Curve
  • Circle
  • Center Tab
  • Oval With Text: In this case, you will need to add the text and its colorĀ 
  • Center Tab With Text: In this case, you will need to add the text and its color
  • Inline Button/link: This will let your customers launch Gameball player profile through any button in your website. Learn more about this How to open Gameball Player Profile widget through an inline button

Choose your Gameball Player Profile widget

Configure your Gameball Player Profile Shape by scrolling down to choosing your widget icon

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