Player Profile Attributes

What are the basic profile attributes? How to custom player attributes? And how can I add new player profile attributes?

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Here is one of Gameball's most powerful features; you can add multiple attributes for your Gameball player profile, store the attribute data for every player, and then start targeting your players with specific notifications, messages, or emails based on the player segment.

By default, Gameball stores the following attributes data:

  • Displayed Name

  • Email

  • Mobile Number

  • Gender

  • Join Date

  • Birth Date

How can you add custom profile attributes?

In case you want to add more player attributes that Gameball doesn't store for you, like region, address, etc. You can manually create a custom attribute. You will also be able to target players with this specific attribute through notifications, messages, emails, etc. Read more about how to manage your Gameball player attributes

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