Your customer is our player on Gameball experience. The player will be on a specific level and win score, points, and badges within Gameball experience.

  • Level: Current level of the player based on the profile score
  • Score: Score that your player wins through their Gameball journey. Score is used to level up your players through tiers and that reflects the engagement of the player.
    Read more about leveling up through this on Tier Your levels through levels
  • Points: Points that your player collects through completing transactions that can later be redeemed as discounts or benefits. The more transactions the player completes, the more points they earn.

By default, Gameball will create a profile for every customer then you will be able to track their progress, game plan achievements and points transactions through Gameball Admin Dashboard.

Player Type

If you have on your platform different customer types (customers and merchants for example), you can design multiple Gameball experiences completely different and independent.
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Player Profile Attributes

For better segmentation, Gameball will let you save multiple attributes per player (name, gender, join date.. etc) to be used in the targeted interactive messages and much more.
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Player Events

Events are actions performed by your players (customers) on your platform.
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