Who Are Gameball Players?

Players are your customers whom Gameball aims to engage using its variety of features. Get to know more about player points!

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When your Customer is on Gameball experience, we call your customer "Player". The player will start with a specific level and will be able to level up, win badges, and gain points when they interact more with your platform.

  • Levels: Through their Gameball journey, your player will be able to win points with every achievement they complete. You can choose points, score, or other variables as a leveling up method, and monitor your players' progress through tiers that reflect the engagement of the player. Learn more

  • Points: Points that your player collects with every achievement they complete. Points can be redeemed by players as discounts or benefits. The more transactions the player completes, the more points they earn. Learn more

By default, Gameball will create a profile for every customer, then you will be able to track their progress, achievements, and points transactions through Gameball admin dashboard.

Player Profile Attributes

For better segmentation, Gameball will let you save multiple attributes per player (name, gender, join date.. etc) to be used in the targeted interactive messages and much more. Learn more

Player Events

Events are any actions performed by your players (customers) on your platform such as viewing products, adding to cart, placing an order, etc. You can reward your customer based on your choice of events, or sequence of events you want your customer to make. Learn more

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