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Create and Send Events to Gameball
Create and Send Events to Gameball

Configure and add the events you send to Gameball automatically through your Admin Settings.

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Events are the actions performed by your players on your platform. Your platform should fire signals to Gameball when important events occur. In other words, Gameball should be notified when players perform certain actions or sequences of actions on your platform. Learn more

To configure these events on Gameball dashboard, go to Admin Settings > Integrations: Events

On the events page, you can find all events sent to Gameball and their details.

Adding Events

Once an event is sent from your platform to Gameball, it automatically appears on the events page. You can edit or delete the event as long as it is not linked to any of Gameball configurations. Once an event is linked to a program or message, you will not be able to edit it or delete it unless you unlink it.

As shown in the image below, you can configure and edit event details before linking an event on the Gameball dashboard. Here is a brief description:

  • Event Label: event name as sent from your platform.

  • Display Name: a relevant event name as chosen by the customer.

  • Key: includes two variables which are the key name and the data type for the key.


  • The event and rules stored for each event must be synced across your mobile and web integrations to provide your players with a consistent experience

  • You can only edit the display name for events linked to configurations on your Gameball dashboard. To make more changes, you must unlink your event from any configurations.

  • You can test the events your platform is sending to Gameball through the Events Log. Read more on Events Log

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