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What are events? What are event rules? And how do they contribute to your players' experience?

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An event is a data point that represents any action between your user/player and your product. An event can be a single action or a wide range of interactions. For example, it could be something as simple as viewing a product on your platform to something more sequential such as a player searching for, placing, and paying for an order.

Your platform sends Gameball when these events occur or these actions are performed by your player on your platform. Learn more

You can also define your own terms to when Gameball should react when a player completes a certain event, these conditions are applied through your event rules.

Event Rule

Event rules are metadata that represents the event and helps you define its specifications. They define the properties of the player event to which Gameball should track and find before it takes further actions as per your instructions. In simpler words, Each event can have its own characteristics; or event terms, when these terms are satisfied, Gameball then acts accordingly. These rules can have more specifications which are called "keys".

For example, for a coffee purchase, the event would be Purchase and the event metadata could be Item Type (in this case a Coffee) or Item Price (in this case $2.50), and so on.

More examples:

  • Event: Place Order

    • Rules: Order price, product type, order weight, etc.

  • Event: Add to Cart

    • Rules: Number of products, total price, total order weight, etc.

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