You can control the script written in the referral tab of Gameball player widget. This text will show to everyone who receives the referral message from your players.

You can access the guest view configurations in Gameball Admin Dashboard through Player Widget Settings > Content: Referral Tab

Referral Title

This is the headline of the referral tab.

Referral Description

This is the body script of the referral tab.


In order to generate referral links for your customers, you MUST add the registration page URL of your website (example: Once you add this URL, Gameball will be able to generate unique referral URLs for every player. Without this link, the referral process will not be completed.

❗️Note: If your store is on Shopify, a registration link will be added automatically.


Do not add anything in this field in the case of Mobile Apps. In order to populate the referral link on mobile, you need to make sure that you have finished Step 4: Configure Friends Referral Integration in Gameball integration with your mobile app

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