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Learn about how Gameball's leaderboard work, and how you can hide it.

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Leaderboards could be a great tool to create a competitive environment and to encourage your players to be more active, however, leaderboards could also be demotivating if deployed within the wrong crowd. Gameball gives you the option to use it, or to completely remove it when it is not convenient.

How does Gameball leaderboard work?

The leaderboard lets the player track their progress and compare it to all your other players.

To view the leaderboard, the player needs to click on the Progress bar or the Level found on the home section of the widget, then switch to the Leaderboard tab. The player will then see their rank amongst other players.

❗️Note: Players will be ranked based on their progress according to the method of leveling up you have configures in the levels program. For example, if you chose "Amount Spent" to be the leveling up method, the players will be ranked based on the amount they spent in comparison to other players' spending.

How can a player know their exact rank?

Players can see their rank in comparison to the rest of the players in the text above the player list.

They can also filter the rank list according to:

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • This week

  • Last week

  • This month

  • Last month

  • This year

  • All-time

How to show or hide Gameball leaderboard from the widget?

Hiding the leaderboard requires only a few steps. On Gameball Admin Dashboard, Go to Wiget Settings: General > Visibility Tab. Under the Leaderboard Tab check Show or Hide based on your objective, then click Save.

After refreshing your website, you will find that the leaderboard tab has been completely removed.

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