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Creating a New Merchant For Every Different Brand And Store You Own
Creating a New Merchant For Every Different Brand And Store You Own

Learn how to unify your loyalty experience by creating a new merchant for every brand and store you own on Gameball dashboard.

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As a multi-brand company, you might be facing some difficulties with unifying your customer engagement under one loyalty experience. Gameball has now made that possible with its new Merchants feature.

If you want to easily create a crossover rewards experience where your players can redeem and use cashback points with every purchase they make at any of your brands or stores. They can also get a different cashback value based on the brand.

❗️❗️Important note: to activate this feature on your dashboard, you need to be on Guru plan, and request it from our customer support team.

To start using the merchants feature, you need to Go through two steps:

A. Creating a new merchant for each of your brands/stores on Gameball dashboard.

B. Configuring cashback for each of your brands/stores after it has been recognized by Gameball in step A.

This article tackles the first step, which is creating a new merchant for your Brand/store.

How to create a new merchant on Gameball dashboard?

You need to create a merchant with the brand name and ID, so that it first gets recognized by Gameball.

  • On Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Admin Settings > Merchants

  • Click Create New Merchant

  • Type in the brand ID and name under Merchant unique ID and Merchant Name

  • If you want to add different branches to the brand, click Add Branches

  • Type in the branch ID and name under Branch unique ID and Branch Name

  • When you are all done, click Create

❗️❗️Important Notes:

  • Merchant ID and branch ID must be unique. They will be used by Gameball APIs to identify the merchant/brand and branch.

  • If you have completed the integration process using Gameball APIs, and a certain transaction was made with a brand or branch that does not exist on Gameball. Gameball will automatically create a new merchant name and ID to complete the transaction.

When you have added all the brands to your platform, you will need to configure the cashback rule for each brand.

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