In case you want to reset some or all your data that is related to your loyalty program, Gameball allows you to do that through few, easy steps.

There are two types of data you can reset on Gameball:

  • Players data: Resets all information related to players only such as players' points, levels, scores, achievements, activities, transactions, and all corresponding information. Learn more about player's data

    The below player data will be deleted without retrieval:

    • All existing players' data, on both live and test versions (achievements, transactions, score, points, activities, and all corresponding information).

    • All program achievements.

    • All points redemptions or transactions.

    • All messages sending and clicking activities.

    ❗️Note: before resetting players data, you might want to consider backing up this data by extracting it as a CSV file. To learn more, read Step 2 of importing players' data.

  • All Data: Reset all previous configurations related to your Gameball account and widget including players data will be permanently deleted.

    Once you reset all your data, you will start with the configuration wizard from the beginning with a fresh new version of Gameball.

❗️Note: Remember that all your data and configurations will be removed without retrieval.

How to reset my data on Gameball?

On Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Admin Settings > Reset Data

Once you click on any of the resetting buttons, you will be asked to confirm your action before Gameball proceeds with the formatting process.

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