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Import Your Players From Other Loyalty Programs to Gameball Using a CSV File
Import Your Players From Other Loyalty Programs to Gameball Using a CSV File

Your existing players deserve to be on Gameball loyalty program too! Import your registered players' data with a few clicks.

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After integrating Gameball with your platform, you can import the data of the previously existing customers to Gameball in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Export old rewards program data

All you need to do is head to your current rewards program and ask for your customers' export files.

It is preferable that you collect the below information for every customer:

For Shopify:

  • Player Email [Mandatory]

  • Birthday [Optional]

  • Player Points [Optional]

  • Required Level name (Tier) [Optional]

For non-Shopify:

  • Player ID [Mandatory] (Could be email address)

  • Player Email [Optional]

  • Birthday [Optional]

  • Mobile Number [Optional]

  • Player Points [Optional]

  • Required Level name (Tier) [Optional]

Pause your current loyalty program on the old platform, and follow the next step to complete the migration process.

Step 2: Migrate to Gameball

A. Go to the importing page

From Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Players > Players Tab > More > Update/Migrate Players

B. Upload your CSV file

Choose CSV as data source:

For Shopify:

Click on "Click to upload."

For non-Shopify:

Click on "Click to upload."

C. Upload your extracted players file from the previous loyalty engine

Choose the downloaded CSV file and click Open.

Once the file is read by Gameball, click Continue.

D. Map your attributes

In order for Gameball to correctly place the players' data into their corresponding attributes, you will have to map the CSV file headers with Gameball's requested attributes.

For example: if the CSV file has a column titled "Email address," then select this header under Your File Attribute, right beside "Player Email." This way Gameball will understand that data under the "Email Address" column should be placed in the Player Email attribute and so on.

❗️Note: The only mandatory data/player attribute is the Player Identifier which could be placed with the email address if no unique id/number is assigned to each player.

  • Choose the Leveling-up Recalculation Method by clicking on the Edit Icon under "Level Name"

Choose between:

  • Players will be re-evaluated with the next recalculation cycle based on your level expiry configuration.

  • Players are placed into this level forever with no later evaluation.

  • Players are placed into this level till a specific date.

  • If you are adding the players' birth dates, choose date format under Date of Birth and choose the format that matches the one in the CSV file.

    Choose between:

    • YYYY-MM-DD

    • MM-DD-YYYY

    • DD-MM-YYYY

    • YYYY/MM/DD

    • DD/MM/YYYY

    • MM/DD/YYYY

  • Click Import

E. Review your Errors

If the CSV file you uploaded has unmatching data that doesn't comply with the original format, Gameball will show you the errors that need to be fixed for a successful migration.

❗️Note: If there are more than 10 errors in the file, you will need to Download the error sheet to check all your errors, as you will not see all the errors on the reviewing page.

If you find that the addressed errors will not cause a problem, click Submit.

F. Submit the File to complete the migration

If you have fixed all your errors, you can submit your file.

You will then be redirected to the Players page, where you will find the list of the new players added as well as a sheet of all the existing errors to be downloaded.

❗️Note: An email will be sent with the errors sheet to the admin account registered email.

The migration/player update process is now over, and the new players are now part of your Gameball loyalty program.

❗️❗️Important notes:

  • If you are a Shopidy user, you can only update information of existing players from your player list that was automatically migrated to Gameball during the integration process.

    As for non-Shopify users, by following this process you will be able to migrate your players or update information of existing ones.

  • In the case of updating data of an existing player, any value in the migration sheet overrides what exists in the system.

    Ex: if the player has 300 points in the system and the sheet value for the same player is 100, the player balance will be 100 after the successful migration.

    If the player has 0 points on the sheet, the player balance will be 0 after migration. If the points cell is empty, the player balance will be 300.

How to migrate guests (customers who are not registered)?

When migrating your customers from other loyalty programs or through a CSV file, some of the customers' data might not be registered. If you still want these customers to be part of your loyalty program, you will have to enable guest customers to integrate them with your loyalty program. Learn how to integrate your guest customers into your rewards program.

How to extract your current player data?

  • Go to your Players Tab on Gameball Admin Dashboard

  • From on the top right of the page, click Extract

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