You have already gone through an introduction to understanding more about customers(players). 

You can access your Players tab through the Gameball dashboard.

Once you access your player's tab, you will see a listing of all of your players including some important attributes. Here are they:

  • Creation Date/Time: date of when your player became a Gameball player
  • Player ID: your unique player ID; through which you can identify your customers.
  • Player Name
  • Level: Read more on Tier Your players using Levels
  • Score: score allows players to level up through the configured levels
  • Points: players win points that can be later redeemed as discounts based on your configurations
  • Avg Daily Events
  • Status: activity of this player activate and deactivate this player through this toggle.


Player info

You will see your players' main attributes. When you click on the name of the player, you will access the other player attributes.

Player Statistics 

You will see this specific player's Events, Game Plan Achievements, payment rewards, and redemption transactions


You can check the player History of achievements, by clicking on each achievement, you are accessing its inner page of challenges and missions.

Gameplan Achievements

Check the history of achievements for this specific player. Read more on Gameplan achievements here.

Points Transactions

Check the history of transactions for this specific player. Read more on transactions here.

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