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Get to know everything about your players through the Players Page and Tab.

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If You have not gone through an introduction to understanding more about customers(players), read about who Gameball players are.

You can access your Players tab through the Gameball Admin Dashboard.

Once you access your player's tab, you will see a listing of all of your players, including some important attributes. The attributes are:

  • Status: The green circle on the left indicates that the player is active. Activate and deactivate this player through the activation toggle on the player overview page.

  • Creation Date/Time: date of when your player became a Gameball player.

  • Player Name

  • Player Email

  • Level: Read more on Tier Your players using Levels.

  • Score: if you have chosen score as your leveling-up method, score allows players to level up through the configured levels. Learn more

  • Total Points Earned: the total amount of points they have earned since the day they interacted and engaged with your program.

  • Points Balance: the current amount of active points each player can redeem as discounts based on your configurations.

  • Tags & Segments: the tags applied to them or segments they belong to.

Player Profile Overview

To know more about certain player info such as their attributes, behaviors, loyalty status, and recent actions on your platform, you can access their Player Profile by being on Gameball Admin Dashboard then going to Player > Players Tab. Then Select any player from the players list.

Player Info

See the basic information about the players through the attributes.

Player Status 

You will see the palyer's current status, like Total Amount Spent since they joined, the Current Level they are on, and the Total Points they have earned so far.


Their referral URL, the player they were referred by if that is the case, and the number of players they successfully referred.


The segments they currently belong to.

RFM Segments

The RFM segment they currently belong to.

Recent Events

You can see their history of actions and events completed on your platform, along with the date that this event occurred.

Challenge History

You can check the player's history of achievements. By clicking on each achievement, you will access the inner page of challenges.

Outbound Activities

All kinds of messages they received and interacted with along with their exact dates.

Player Log

Check the history of achievements and transactions for this specific player. You will find the date of when they completed the achievement, the type of achievement, and the points they gained upon completing that achievement. You will also be able to view the date of the point transaction, the type of transaction, the number of points, paid amount, and the redeemed amount. Read more about the Player Activity Log

How to Extract Your Players' Attributes?

E-commerce Platforms

All Platforms (Pro & Guru only)

To access extract players attribute data, Go to your Gameball Admin Dashboard through Players > More, click Extract.

Once you click on "Extract", "Player Attributes” will be automatically downloaded in a CSV format.

These Attributes include:

A. Player Info

  • Level order: This is the desired level of your players but it’s not written as the level’s name; instead, it’s written as the desired level order in numbers.

  • Points: This field is where the desired number of points balance to be added to your player’s wallets is written.

Player ID

It’s the ID number that identifies each player and differentiates them

Initial Account State

Started engaging as a guest, or signed up to become a player right away

Player Name

The name that was first registered by the player

First Name

First name only

Last Name

Last name only

Player Email

Player's email is the only mandatory field that identifies your customer


Player's gender can be identified as F (for females) or M (for males)

Mobile Number

This field is where your player’s phone number appears, however, it is not mandatory to be written by your player

Date Of Birth

The date they wrote during registration. The player’s birth date is viewed as (YYYY-MM-DD). If you have your customer’s birthday, you can add it to this sheet to be stored on Gameball player profile, which can let you create a birthday challenge and reward your players on that day.

Player Join Date

The day they registered to the program, or your platform (if platform registration reflects to Gameball)





Zip Code


Preferred Language



If they are guest customers. The field is filled with a Yes or No


UTMs they used through Gameball


The software module of the device they are using

Total Amount Spent

How much have they spent since they first landed on your platform

Last Order Date


Total Orders Count

Number of orders they have completed

Average Order Value

The average value of orders calculated based on all their previous orders

B. Calculated by Gameball

Total Captured Orders

Total Captured Amount Spent

Last Captured Order Date

Average Captured Order Value

Total Referrals

Last Referral Date

Total Redemptions

Total Redeemed Amount

Last Redemption Date

Last Login Date

Last Coupon Usage

Last Gameball Coupon Usage

Last Message Sent Date

Last Email Sent Date

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