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Create a Time-based Reward Campaign
Create a Time-based Reward Campaign

Learn how to create and configure a Time-Based reward campaign from scratch.

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Reward campaigns are powerful tools for driving customer engagement and loyalty. With Gameball, you can easily create and configure reward campaigns tailored to your business objectives, and reward your customers on certain occasions, dates, or even instantly.

Let's explore the step-by-step process of creating and configuring a Time-based reward campaign from scratch.

Creating a New Time-Based Reward Campaign:

  • Log in to your Gameball Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Campaigns section on the left side menu and click on Rewards.

  • Choose Time-Based Reward from the 'Start from Scratch' Section

  • Give your new campaign an internal name for your team, and then start the configuration.

Configuration of a Time-Based Reward Campaign:

Step 1: Rule

Define the rules that determine when customers receive the campaign's rewards. Utilize Gameball's event-based engine to create sequences of rules that customers must follow to earn rewards.

  1. Audience:

    Choose who is eligible to view and participate in this campaign:

    • All Customers

    • Specific Customers:

      • Segments

      • Tags

      • Customer Attributes

      • Combination of Segments, Tags, or Customer Attributes

    After choosing the campaign's audience, you will be able to view the number of customers that are currently eligible to participate in this campaign

  2. Trigger:

    Choose when you want your audience to receive the reward:

    • Instant: the audience will receive the reward once the campaign is activated.

    • Based on Date/Time: the audience will receive the reward on the date and the time you choose.

Step 2: Details

Set up the information that will be displayed to the customers on Gameball's widget on your website/mobile app:

  • Reward Name

  • Reward Information

  • [Optional] Redirection Link( Navigates the customers to a desired page on the website/mobile app.

Step 3: Rewards

  1. Reward:

    Choose the type of reward that you will offer the audience once they achieve this campaign, and define the reward parameters to ensure it aligns with your campaign goals.

    1. Choose one of the following Reward Types:

      • Points

      • Free Product

      • Free Delivery

      • Fixed Amount

      • Percentage Based Discount

  2. Badge:

    Along with the reward, the customer will be rewarded a Badge for the campaigns they achieve.

    Customize badge settings to visually represent the campaign's achievement. Let's see how we can set it up:

    1. Choose a Badge Icon from available options or upload your own:

    2. Configure Badge Visibility:

      • By default, no badge will be chosen(Campaign not visible on the widget)

      • You can choose for it to be:

        • Dimmed and becomes bright upon earning

        • Only show badge when earned

    3. Configure Badge Unlocking Process:

      By default the badge will be unlocked to all levels, it will appear dimmed until earned. However, you can choose for the badge to start appearing to customers when they are on a certain level:

Step 4: In-App & Email Notification

Configure in-app and email notifications to keep customers informed about their progress and achievements.

Achievement Notifications:

Decide whether you'd like to inform your customers upon achieving a reward campaign milestone.

Event Notification:

Available for event-based and high-score reward campaigns only. Select whether to notify customers after every completed action that brings them closer to achieving the reward campaign.

For both Notification types, You have the option to choose from the following :

  • Follow Global Settings: Notifications will adhere to the predefined notification settings you configured in the notifications section. Learn more about sending real-time notifications for reward campaign programs.

  • Always Enabled: Customers will receive a notification after completing an event or reward campaign. All you have to do in this is add the following, in case of the In-app Notification:

    • Notification Title

    • Notification Body

    In the case of the Email:

    • Email Subject

    • Use the Email Builder to Customize the Email

  • Always Disabled: Customers will not receive any notifications after completing an event or reward campaign.

Step 5: Goal

Define the campaign's goal to monitor its performance and effectiveness. All you have to do is:

  • Toggle the goal setting on or off based on your preference.

  • Set event-based goals using the event engine to track customer actions and outcomes.

Now that you have created and configured your campaign, remember to press Save, Preview, and then Activate your campaign.

Also, don't forget that there are two other types of Reward Campaigns: Action-Based and Points Multiplier. Learn how to create and configure each of them below:

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