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Integrating Guest Customers in Your Rewards Program
Integrating Guest Customers in Your Rewards Program

Enable your platform's unregistered visitors to be part of your loyalty system and let them get rewarded for their engagement.

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By Default, when activating your Gameball loyalty program, only customers who have signed up can engage with your configured programs and can get rewarded for their achievements. You can now also include guests (customers who have not signed up) and rewards them for some of their achievements.

How to Enable Guests to become part of your rewards and loyalty program?

On Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Admin Settings > Programs Participation, under Programs Participation, click the Edit Icon

Then choose All your customers including guests, and click Save

Once you have enabled all types of customers to be part of your rewards program, two significant changes will apply:

  • Guest customers will be able to actively engage in most of your configured loyalty programs.

Guest customers have the same info as players:

  • creation date

  • ID

  • Email

  • Level

  • Leveling up method

  • Points Balance

If you want to view only players or only guests, you can filter the customers list by doing the following:

Choose "Customer Type" as your filter, then choose "Customer with Account" or "Guest"

❗️Note: All the current actions in the player profile should apply normally to guests.

  • Include/Exclude

  • Adjust Balance

  • Adjust Level

  • Reward Challenge (available challenges)

  • Assign Tag

Which types of action can you apply to your guests through the Gameball dashboard?

Guest customers can have the following action applied:

  • Points/score addition

  • Points/score deduction

  • Manually rewarding a challenge

  • Level Upgrade/downgrade

Which types of programs and rewards will the guests be included in and which will they be excluded from?

Guests are included in:

  • Cashback: same Cashback rules configured, will be applied by default to guests as well

  • Redemption: Guest customers will not be able to redeem their rewards unless they signup.

  • Challenges: guests can achieve the below challenges types Only:

    • Scheduled

    • Event-based

  • Levels: levels program applies normally to guests.

  • Email notifications: Just like players, guests will receive emails when they complete a milestone or achieve any of the above programs.

    ❗️Note: guests have to register their email during the checkout process when placing an order to start receiving your configured email notifications.

Guests are excluded from:

  • Referral: Guests will not be able to refer other friends, however, they might receive a reward if they got referred by a registered player, and if your referral rule configurations allow guests to be rewarded.

  • Challenges: guests can Not achieve the below challenges types:

    • signup

    • birthday

    • anniversary

    • daily streak

    • Social Media

  • Points Redemption: Guests can only win points, however, they will not be able to redeem them unless they sign up.

❗️Note: When a guest customer creates an account, they will be able to find all the rewards they have won before creating an account.

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