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Referrals on Gameball Widget for Players and Friends
Referrals on Gameball Widget for Players and Friends

This simple guide shows how your players can use their unique referral link to share it and refer others.

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Referral lets players win rewards when they refer people in their network or circle to your platform.

Once the referral program is activated on your platform, this is how the referral experience would look like for your players:

  • The referral tab will be visible for all your players inside Gameball player widget.

  • Open the widget and scroll down to find the section on the home page of the widget.

  • In this part of the widget, the player can find brief information about how your referral program works such as the reward they get when they successfully refer a friend as well as the reward their referred friend gets.

  • This is also where they will find the referral link that they should copy and send to their friends.

  • Lastly, they will find information about how many successful referrals they have completed and the amount of points or coupons they have received as a result.

  • For the player to see more information about the referral program they have to go to the main referral section on the widget by clicking on the arrow icon next to Referral.

  • In this part of the widget, the player gets to further understand how the program works and check their previous referral data.

  • The Player can find the number of Completed and Pending referrals.

    ❗️Note: Pending referrals are sent invitations that have received no response from the friend yet, or when a friend has not completed the required actions for the referral to be successful yet.

  • The player can see more information about completed and Pending referrals by clicking on See your invites.

  • In this section, they can see the names and emails of friends they have invited along with their referral status.

  • Players can also find out how far away they are from receiving the Extra Referral Reward through the progress bar as shown below.

  • Lastly, a player can learn about how the entire referral program works by clicking on How it works?

  • In this section, they can learn about the steps they and their friends need to complete for the referral to be deemed successful.

    Referred Friends (Guests) experience with the Gameball Referral Program:

  • For guests who were referred by other players, they will receive an instant notification with the voucher/coupon they can use in their first order.

  • Guests will also receive the coupon or voucher via email if they type it down through the notification they receive.

  • Referred friends who signed up and became players, they will also receive a notification and an email with the reward coupon to apply to their first order.

  • If the reward coupon is only applicable to products from a certain collection/category, this message "Applies to specific collection/s only" will be conveyed as shown above.

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