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Referrals on Gameball Widget for Players and Friends
Referrals on Gameball Widget for Players and Friends

This simple guide shows how your customers can use their unique referral link to share it and refer others.

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Unlock the power of referrals with Gameball's intuitive widget, allowing customers to seamlessly refer friends and earn rewards. Here's a comprehensive guide to how customers can leverage their unique referral link to share and invite others to your platform.

Activating Referral Program

Once the referral program is activated on your platform, customers can easily access the referral tab within the Gameball customer widget

Customer Experience: Referring Friends

  1. Widget Overview:

    Upon opening the widget, customers will find a dedicated section detailing the referral program. Here, they can grasp the essence of the program, including rewards for successful referrals and the benefits for referred friends.

  2. Accessing Referral Link:

    Customers can quickly locate their unique referral link, which they can copy and share with friends. This link serves as the gateway for inviting others to join the platform.

  3. Tracking Referral Progress:

    Customers can monitor their referral activity, including the number of successful referrals completed and the corresponding rewards earned. This transparent tracking system keeps customers informed and motivated to continue referring and gaining extra rewards.

  4. Exploring Referral Details:

    By navigating to the main referral section within the widget, customers gain deeper insights into their referral history. They can view completed and pending referrals, allowing them to assess their impact and progress.

    ❗️Note: Pending referrals are sent invitations that have received no response from the friend yet, or when a friend has not completed the required actions for the referral to be successful yet.

  5. Understanding Referral Mechanics:

    Through the "How it works?" section, customers can familiarize themselves with the referral process, including the steps required for a successful referral. This comprehensive overview ensures clarity and enhances engagement.

Guest Experience: Referred Friends

  1. Instant Notification:

    Guests who are referred by customers receive instant notifications containing vouchers or coupons for their first order. This seamless process encourages immediate engagement and conversion.

  2. Email Confirmation:

    Referred friends also receive an email with the reward coupon, ensuring they have easy access to their referral benefits. This dual notification approach enhances visibility and ensures recipients do not miss out on their rewards.

  3. Category-Specific Rewards:

    If the reward coupon is limited to specific collections or categories, guests are notified accordingly. This ensures clarity and helps guests make informed decisions when redeeming their rewards.

Empower your customers to become brand advocates and incentivize them to refer friends, while providing referred friends with a seamless onboarding experience. With Gameball's intuitive referral program, you can drive engagement, foster loyalty, and expand your customer base effectively.

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