Referral lets players win rewards when they refer people in their network or circle to your platform.

Once the referral program is activated on your platform, the below happens:

  • The referral tab will be visible for all your players inside Gameball player widget.

  • Each of your players will have a unique referral URL to share with their network.

  • Your players can copy their unique URL and share it with their friends.

  • In case you have multiple rules, your player will be able to know the rule descriptive guide when viewing the referral tab above the referral URL.

  • For guests who were referred by other players, they will receive an instant notification with the voucher/coupon they can use in their first order.

  • Guests will also receive the coupon or voucher via email if they typed it down through the notification they received.

  • For referred friends who signed up and became players, they will also receive a notification and an email with the reward coupon to apply on their first order.

  • If the reward coupon is only applicable to products from a certain collection/category, this message "Applies on specific collection/s only" will be conveyed as shown above.

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