You can tier your players based on their actions on your platform. Through levels programs, your players will be able to level up according to the method of leveling up you chose for them.

Levels allow you to tier your players according to their amount spent, points, score, number of purchases, or referrals. Accordingly, you should set up your level achievement range in a way that is not so fast and easy for your players to reach, yet motivates your players to excel and raise their level of engagement like spending more time on your platform to gain points and level up.

Creating Levels

After setting up your player levels plan, it is time to configure them through the Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Programs, then below Levels, click Configure. You will be directed to the levels configuration page where you can create and customize levels.

On the levels page, you can find the method you have chosen and all your configured levels. This is where you can also choose a new leveling up method and create new levels.

In order to choose a different leveling up method, follow these steps:

1. Click the Edit icon under "Leveling-up Method"

2. Choose a method, then click Next

3. Fill in the minimum score per each level, then click Save

In order to create a new level, follow these steps:

1. Click Create New Level.

2. Enter the details required for the new level creation. Then click Create.

Below is a brief explanation of the details required to create a new level and all level attributes.

Level Details

Basic Details: In the name field, enter the name that will appear to your players in the player widget. You can choose something like bronze, silver, and gold or whatever matches the theme of your platform.

Level Badge: Select or upload an image that will appear in the player widget. Pick an icon that matches your level name and your platform theme.

Minimum Score: Define the minimum amount to reach this level. This score would be required by your players to move to this level.

Note: It reflects any method you choose for leveling up.

For example. If you created a level that requires a 400 score to reach, and your chosen method is Amount Spent, then the player needs to spend 400 USD to reach this level.

Level Welcome Reward: You can define a reward in terms of points as a welcome gift when a player reaches this level. Moreover, you can add a fixed discount percentage privilege that all players at this level can use.


  • Gameball offers one level, by default, which is the first level and starts with zero points. This level cannot be deleted, however, you can edit it. All new players are automatically added to this level.
  • The Minimum points, score, or the number of actions per level is unique and cannot be duplicated with other levels.

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