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Reward Your Players With Different Cashback Based On The Brand
Reward Your Players With Different Cashback Based On The Brand

Learn how to configure a different cashback rule for every different brand you have using the new merchants feature.

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Suppose you want your players to be rewarded with different cashback values based on the type of brand they bought from. With the new merchants feature, you can now create a different cashback experience for every brand on your platform. Learn more

❗️❗️Important notes:

  • to activate this feature on your dashboard, you need to request it from our customer support team.

  • If you have chosen to configure different cashback rules for different collections through the "custom cashback" feature, the merchant cashback option will no longer be available. Learn more about collection-based cashback rules.

To start using the merchants feature, you need to Go through two steps:

A. Creating a new merchant for each of your brands/stores on Gameball dashboard.

B. Configuring cashback for each of your brands/stores after Gameball has recognized it in step A.

This article tackles step B, configuring a cashback rule for any of the brands/stores.

How to Configure a Cashback Rule For Different Brands & Stores?

After Creating an ID for each of your brands and stores, you can now start configuring a cashback rule for any of these recognized brands/stores.

❗️❗️Important notes:

  • By default, every new merchant created will fall under the default cashback rules that you have configured.

  • You can also create a different cashback rule based on every merchant's level.

  • The merchants cashback rules override the default cashback rule if the player is buying from that specific merchant. For example:

    Suppose there are different cashback rules for every level under the default cashback setting. In that case, while there is only one general cashback rule under a specific merchant that applies to all levels, the general merchants cashback rule will apply to the player if they are buying from that particular merchant regardless of their level.

On Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Programs > Cashback: Configure > Merchants Tab

  • Click Add Merchant

Fill in the following information to complete the configuration:

  • Choose Merchant: Choose the brand you want to create the new cashback rule for.

  • Configuration method: Choose between "Cashback value" and "Cashback value based on unit."

Cashback value:

If you want to give back a specific cashback percentage for the paid amount as a reward to your customers.

For example, if you give 5% cashback (when the customer pays $100, they will get $5 cashback). The system calculates the equivalent points given as a reward to the customer. The value of these points will equal the cashback percentage that you chose.

Cashback value based on unit:

If you want to give back a specific number of points to your customer based on the paid amount, regardless of the final cashback percentage.

For example, if a customer paid $100, the system checks the cashback points rewarded per currency unit. The system then calculates the number of points and rewards it to the customer, for example, 1000 points for the paid $100. Gameball then calculates the equivalent cashback value for these points.

  • Click Save Changes when you are done.

If your cashback program is active, your players can now get the specified cashback once they place and pay for an order from the brands you have added and configured a cashback rule for.

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