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Learn where to monitor all your players' activity, performance, information, and how to extract that data.

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The players Section is where you can find all the information you would want to know about your players starting from when they joined, their current status, and everything in between.

When Going to the Players section, you will land on the Players Tab where you can find all the basic data about the players like their join data and time, player ID, Name, email, current level, the total amount spent, and total earned points. You can also add, deduct, amend any of their data afters applying filters to the list.

While this tab is solely created to display the basic information about the players, if you want to monitor all the activities done by your players then you will have to navigate to the Player Activity Log.

To access this Tab, go to Gameball Admin Dashboard then Players > Players Log

When landing on your Player Log you can see the list of all the action or activities that each active player has done through your loyalty program on your platform. Here is all the types of information you will come across under the Players Log tab:

  • Date and time:

    the date and time the activity took place

  • Player ID and name

  • Activity:

    • Challenge completion and points reward

    • Level upgrades and downgrades, and migrations

    • Points redemption, refund, and expiry

    • Cashback rewards and cancellations

    • Friend referrals and referral rewards

    • Manual balance adjustments

  • Points:

Transactions are your players' points transactions, through which they earn and redeem points. Transactions have two types: accumulation and deduction.


Accumulation itself has two types:

  • Payment Rewards: they are earned by your players when they perform a payment action on your platform.

  • Achievements Rewards: they are rewards earned by your players for completing a challenge.


Deduction itself has five types:

  • Redemption: occurs when your players redeem some of their points into equivalent money value that can be used on your platform.

  • Coupon Creation: occurs when your players transform some of their points into a discount coupon and later use this voucher during the placing an order process.

  • Cancel a Reward: If a player gained points from placing an order but then cancels that order, the points that they gained will be removed again.

  • Expiration: When you are configuring your points, you can set a period of time when points can be used before they expire. Points will be deducted from the player when they expire. Read more about Points Configuration

  • Manual Deduction: You can manually deduct points from any of your players through Gameball admin dashboard.


The type of coupon created when points were redeemed.

Filter Players List Based on Activity

You can also filter the list based on any of the activities and you can extract the full list or the filtered list.

How to Extract Your Players' Achievements and transactions?

E-commerce Platforms

All Platforms (Pro & Guru only)

To access extract players achievement data, Go to your Gameball Admin Dashboard through Players > Players log, click Extract

Once you click on "Extract" in each corresponding tab, "Gameball Achievements" will be automatically downloaded in a CSV format.

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