Common Player Update/Migration Errors

The different types of problems and errors you might come across while updating or migrating your players' lists and how to solve them.

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The following is a list of the errors you might come across while updating players' data or migrating new players from a different loyalty program:

1. Uploading the wrong file type

Gameball only accepts "CSV" files. Uploading different types of files will result in an error.

2. Uploading a file with missing headers (when choosing a previous loyalty program)

When choosing a former loyalty program as the file source, the file must have the headers placed exactly the way it was when you extracted the file from the old loyalty program. We recommend that you do not change the structure of the placed cells; only change the players' information if necessary.

❗️Important note: You can only migrate players from previous loyalty programs if you are a Shopify user only.

3. Player Email missing, does not exist, or is invalid

If you are a Shopify user, the player's email address is a mandatory variable. Updating a player's info requires that the cells under the email address be filled and match an existing email from Gameball's players' list.

If the email format is incorrect, an error will occur while uploading the file. Example of a correct email format:

❗️❗️Important note: If you are a Shopify user, you can only update the information of existing players from your player list that was automatically migrated to Gameball during the integration process.

4. Wrong Player points

An error will appear if the cell under "Player points" contains any characters other than numbers or if the value of that number is negative.

❗️❗️Important note: In the case of updating data of an existing player, any value in the migration sheet overrides what exists in the system.

Ex: if the player has 300 points in the system and the sheet value for the same player is 100, the player balance will be 100 after the successful migration.

If the player has 0 points on the sheet, the player balance will be 0 after migration. If the points cell is empty, the player balance will be 300.

5. Level name does not exist on Gameball

If any of the cells under "players level" is filled with a level name that does not match with a pre-configured/existing level on Gameball, an error will occur.

6. The Birthday doesn't follow the selected date format

  • In case of migrating players from a previous loyalty program:

While uploading the file, the date format should match the extracted file's original format.

  • In case of manually uploading a CSV file for migrating/updating players:

In the mapping process, you can choose the date format to match that in the uploaded file.

Choose between:







If the format you chose does not match the date format in the CSV file, players' birthday dates will be incorrect on Gameball.

9. For non-Shopify Users, the player identifier does not exist

While migrating players using a CSV file, ensure that cells under "Player ID" are not empty.

❗️Note: The only mandatory data/player attribute is the Player Identifier which could be placed with the email address if no unique id/number is assigned to each player.

10. Guest customers are included in the players' list

When migrating your customers from other loyalty programs or through a CSV file, some of the customers might not be registered customers to your platform (guests). If you still want these customers to be part of your loyalty program, you will have to enable guest customers to integrate them with your loyalty program. Learn how to integrate your guest customers into your rewards program.

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