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Give Different Cashback Values for the Different Collections You Have In Your Store
Give Different Cashback Values for the Different Collections You Have In Your Store

Customize your cashback program so that each collection you have in your store offers a different cashback value to your players.

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You can choose to apply cashback only on specific collections and exclude other collections. Players will then get cashback only when buying products under the specified collections.

  • To learn how to configure different cashback rewards for different collections level. Follow these steps to apply the past case: Go to Ways to Earn > Cashback Points

  • Under Settings, Click the Edit Icon

  • A pop-up will appear as shown below

  • Under Cashback Options, you will find two options:

    • Define collections eligible for cashback

      • All Products: this leaves your cashback system the way it is. The default cashback rule automatically applies, and you can always add extra cashback rules for different levels that players could be on.

      • Selected Collections: cashback default rule will only apply to the collections you have chosen upon marking this option. If a customer buys from any other items that do not belong to the marked collections, cashback will not be applied.

      • All Products Except Some Collections: cashback default rule will be applied to all collections except the collections you have chosen upon marking this option. If a customer buys from any of the marked collections, they will not be rewarded with cashback for these purchases. Any other purchases from collections outside the marked ones will have the default cashback percentage applied to them.

    • Custom Cashback

      When Choosing Custom Cashback, you will be able to create different cashback values (Percentages) for the different collections you have in your store. After choosing this option, you will have to continue the rest of the configurations after you click save and outside this popup.

Once you finish choosing your cashback system, click Save.

❗️❗️Important Notes:

  • if you have chosen any of the first three options for a cashback system, then the configuration process is over. Just make sure the default cashback rule is correctly set.

  • If, however, you have chosen the fourth option, "Custom Cashback," as your cashback system, then follow the below steps to complete your configurations.

  • By choosing the Custom Cashback option, you are deactivating the Merchant feature on the system. Both cashback based on collections and a crossover cashback system can not work simultaneously on Gameball.

Create different cashback values for the different store collections (for non-Shopify users)

If you have chosen Custom Cashback in the last step, then you have clicked Save; you will find that Gameball has created a new tab called Collection Rules.

  • Click on the Collection Rules tab

  • Then click on Add Collection Rule to start customizing your cashback rules for each collection.

  • Start by selecting the list of collections you are creating this rule for. Mark the specific collections this cashback rule is for under Select Collection/s.

  • Name your cashback rule to differentiate between all the rules to be created in the future. Type down the rule name under Collection Rule Name.

  • To set a cashback value for this rule, under Cashback Method, choose between:

    • Cashback value: cashback will be granted to players in "Percentages" when they buy from the previously selected collections. For example, 15% cashback will be rewarded to players when they buy from the "bags collection" and "Sunglasses."

    • Cashback value based on unit: cashback will be granted in "Points" when they buy from the previously selected collections. For example, for every 100 USD spent by a player buying from the "bags collection" and "Sunglasses," your player will get 150 points which are equivalent to X percent worth of cashback. This percentage is determined based on the monetary value you had assigned each point. Learn more about configuring a redemption value for points.

  • After choosing the Cashback Method, Type down the Cashback value you want your player to get rewarded with when buying from the selected collection/s.

  • Then click Save.

Now, you players can enjoy a certain cashback value only when they make purchases from the chosen collection. You will be able to see the newly created rule on the Collection Rules tab.

  • To see more details about the rule, click on the Arrow Icon on the left of the configured rule.


  • To add more cashback rules for other collections, click Add Collection Rule, and repeat the whole process again.

  • To edit the configured rule, click the Edit Icon under the rule and make the needed adjustments.

  • Click on the Bin Icon next to the rule to completely erase it from the system.

Can I reward players on higher levels with different cashback values under the same specified collection?

Yes, after creating a cashback rule for specific collection/s, you can then choose to change the assigned cashback value based on players' level. Here is how:

  • Under the configured cashback rule, click Configure New Rule

A popup window will appear for you to proceed with the extra collection/level cashback rule configuration.

  • Start with selecting the players' level you are creating this extra rule for under Level Configuration.

  • Change the cashback value for this extra level rule just like you have done with the main collection rule.

  • Click Save.

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