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Introduction to Gameball's Communication Campaigns
Introduction to Gameball's Communication Campaigns

Discover Gameball's Communication Campaigns, formerly known as Outbound, to tailor messages for various purposes.

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Gameball's Communication Campaigns, formerly known as Outbound, empower you to tailor messages for various purposes, including acquisition, retention, customer journey facilitation, and engagement. This feature serves as a versatile tool to complement campaigns and enhance program performance.

Types of Communication Campaigns:


Email marketing is a ubiquitous strategy across industries to boost sales, conversion rates, and retention. Unlike other channels, emails are always accessible by customers, ensuring message permanence. Emails are sent to registered customers and guests who have previously made at least one order. Segmentation and triggers enable personalized email delivery based on player information or actions. Learn how to set up an Email campaign

Gameball also offers pre-designed email templates for quick campaign setup.

Mobile Push:

Mobile push notifications provide a direct channel to reach players at any time. Effective for promoting hot deals and encouraging platform revisits to boost customer retention and sales. Configurable triggers allow targeted push notifications based on player behavior or segments. Learn how to set up a Mobile Push campaign

Web Messages:

Web messages enable real-time communication with customers during their platform journey. Ideal for upselling, alerts, and motivating players to take action or complete challenges. Pop-up messages prompt players to engage with challenges, daily deals, or offers, driving conversion rates. Customizable triggers ensure timely delivery of web messages tailored to player behavior. Learn how to set up a Web Message campaign

Leverage a variety of ready-made web message templates to streamline campaign creation.

Creating a new Communication Campaign:

To create a Communication Campaign:

  1. Navigate to the Gameball Dashboard and click on Campaigns.

  2. Choose Communication, then click on the Create Campaign button.

  3. Choose the desired type of campaign if you want to start from scratch: Emails, Mobile Push, or Web Messages.

  4. Or Choose from the ready-made templates for each type.

  5. Follow the intuitive setup process to customize the campaign based on your objectives and audience.

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