Thank you for deciding to switch to Gameball for your rewards program! In this article, we will go through some easy, quick steps needed to switch to Gameball.

1. Export a CSV from your current rewards program

All you have to do is head to your current rewards program, ask for an export file of your customers. For successful migration to Gameball, the column "email" is the only mandatory one.

2. Pause your current loyalty program on the old platform

3. Go to your Players Tab on Gameball Admin Dashboard

4. Click on "Upgrade/Migrate Players" Button

5. Download our default template

6. Import your players' corresponding data and upload it again

While uploading, "Points Balance", "Desired Level" and "date of birth" are not mandatory.
If you are wondering what will happen to the existing points, here is the deal. In case the points balance added is greater than the current one, only the difference balance will be added. In case the points balance added is less than the current one, the points balance won't be updated.

7. Do a final check by going through our verification steps attached there to make sure your data is imported successfully.

Players will get automatically imported and synced once this step is done. Now, it's time to finally think about launching your Gameball program!

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