Thank you for deciding to switch to Gameball for your rewards program! To Migrate your players from any other loyalty program to Gameball, all you need is to go through some easy, quick steps. Check out this video, or follow the steps below:

Step 1: Export old rewards program data

All you have to do is head to your current rewards program, ask for an export file of your customers. For successful migration to Gameball, you need to have the below information for every customer:

Pause your current loyalty program on the old platform, and follow the next step to complete the migration process.

Step 2: Migrate to Gameball

Note: you must prepare your data and convert these data to follow the same format in this CSV template.

Example of our template:



Player Points

Player Level










Note: Email is the only mandatory field in the template.

Note: You can either click Upload Players Data and choose the CSV file from your browser, or drag and drop it.

The operation will start and you will receive a confirmation message.

The migration is now complete!

Important notes and rules:

Whole updating players, we have multiple cases to be highlighted:

How to extract your current player data?

What else?

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