Notifications Global Settings for Challenge/Mission Program

You can access the notifications global settings in Gameball Admin Dashboard through Notifications Tab > Challenges:

Script Updates for Challenges Notifications

You can add the notification script for all notifications through this page:

1. Unlock Challenge

You can create some challenges for players on a specific level or higher (see Unlocking Settings in Create & configure your player challenges), your players won't be able to participate in these challenges till they reach this level. Send this notification once your players reach this event to up-sell participating in these new unlocked challenge and get more rewards.

2. Event/Action

Some challenges can have multiple event/actions till achieving it. You can send a notification on every action/event done by your player to encourage them to complete this challenge and get a reward. Example: Refer 5 friends to achieve a challenge, send notification to the player on every friend till reaching 5 friends

3. Achieve Challenge

Send a real-time notification to your players upon achieving a challenge.

4. Achieve Mission

Send a real-time notification to your players upon completing a mission.

In the challenge/mission creation wizard in Gameball Admin Dashboard, you can add a custom script to be sent for this challenge/mission only and bypass the global settings:

Script Variables for Challenges/Missions Notifications

In order to send more personalized notifications, you can use variables in the scripts like the below:

  • Player Variables: Name, Level, Points Balance, or Score BalanceĀ 
  • Challenge/Mission Variables: Challenge/Mission Displayed Name, Challenge/Mission Reward Points or Challenge/Mission Reward Score Balance

Status Update for Challenges/Missions Notifications

You can enable or disable the notification through the global settings page. This will affect only challenges/missions under global settings.

Note: Don't forget to click on "Save Changes" before you exit.

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