Send Real-Time Notifications for Points Redemption

Control the scripts of all real-time notifications through the global settings for points redemption.

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Transactions Notifications Settings

You can access the notifications global settings in Gameball Admin Dashboard through Notifications > In-App > Points Redemption

Script Update for Points Redemption Notifications

You can add the transaction notifications script for all notifications through this page:

1. Redemption Message

Send real-time transaction notification for every points redemption transaction

2. Refund Message

Send a real-time notification to your players upon any refunding points transaction

3. 15 Days Before Points Expiry

Send Real time notification to your players 15 days before their points expire

Script Variables for Points Redemption Notifications

E-commerce Platforms

Shopify (Starter, Pro, & Guru), Non-Shopify (Growth, Pro, & Guru)

In order to send more personalized notifications, you can use variables in the scripts like the below:

  • Player Variables: First Name, Display Name, Player's Email, Points Earned, Level-up Progress, Points, Points Before, Level Up total progress

  • Transaction Variables: Equivalent value of total points, Equivalent value of earned points, Redeemed Points, Expiry Date, Currency, Points Name

Note: This does not apply to Shopify as redemption will be already done through coupons. 

Status Update for Points Redemption Notifications

You can enable or disable the notification through the global settings page.

❗️Note: Do not forget to click on "Save Changes" before you exit.

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