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Transactions Notifications Settings

You can access the notifications global settings in Gameball Admin Dashboard through Notifications > In-App > Cashback Messages

Script Update for Cashback Notifications

You can add the transaction notifications script for all notifications through this page:

1. Cashback Message

Send real-time transaction notification for every cashback transaction

2. Canceling a Purchase

Send a real-time notification to your players upon canceling a purchase

Script Variables for Cashback Notifications

E-commerce Platforms

Shopify (Starter, Pro, & Guru), Non-Shopify (Growth, Pro, & Guru)

In order to send more personalized notifications, you can use variables in the scripts like the below:

  • Player Variables: Name, Level, Points Balance Before Transaction, and Points Balance After Transaction

  • Transaction Variables: Paid Amount, Rewarded Points

Status Update for Cashback Program Notifications

You can enable or disable the notification through the global settings page.

❗️Note: Do not forget to click on "Save Changes" before you exit.

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