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Getting Started With Gameball
Launch Checklist: Start Using Gameball
Launch Checklist: Start Using Gameball

A quick walk-through on the essential steps to take before launching your loyalty experience.

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❗️Note: If you are new to Gameball and have just completed the onboarding wizard, you will find a checklist on the dashboard that should guide you though the initial steps to a ready-to-launch program.

If you are new to Gameball and do not know where to start to create an ultimate loyalty experience for your customers. Here is a checklist of the essential steps you might want to start with:

  • For Shopify Users: Enable customer account creation

    • If you are a Shopify user, you need to give your customers the ability to create their own accounts and enroll in your Gameball rewards experience. Learn more

    • You can also make sure that the players' points and levels are updated by following the steps in this article.

  • For non-Shopify user: Import your players from the previous loyalty program

    If you have been using other loyalty programs and you want your players' profiles migrated, then follow the steps in this article to import the players' data to Gameball.

  • Setting up and activating Gameball programs

    Gameball offers four programs that help you reach your goal from the loyalty system whether that was an increase in acquisition, activation, engagement, loyalty, etc.

    In few steps, you can configure and activate any of the following programs:

  • Setting up the redemption rules

    After setting up your loyalty programs, you will find that you were able to reward your players with points and other gifts when they enroll in any of your configured programs. These points reward can, later on, be redeemed in the form of discount percentages, coupons, free shipping, etc.

    Make sure you set the right methods and rules of redemption. Learn more

  • Customize your widget

    • Start by creating a widget profile. Set up some general widget settings such as language, program name, tabs' visibility, icons, etc. Learn more

    • Your loyalty widget does not have to be incompatible with your platform's theme. You can easily style Gameball's widget to match it with your store's theme and make it seem like it is an inseparable extension of your brand. Learn more

  • Activate Your ready-to-use loyalty program

    Now that you have configured the most essential parts of your loyalty program, do not forget to activate and launch your widget on your platform so that your customers can enroll in your configured reward experience. All you need to do is publish Gameball widget by following "Stage 1" in this article. Click here

There are much more programs and features you can find useful to achieve your loyalty targets.

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